Black Beauty (2020) Trailer

8 months ago
A wild horse, transported to Birtwick Stables, comes across Jo Green, a lively teenage girl. Over a period of time, the two develop a friendship that helps Jo overcome challenges.

Mosul – Trailer

3 years ago
"Mosul" is a dramatic film that tells the true story of an elite police unit that fights to retake the Iraqi city of Mosul from the control of ISIS. The film follows the unit as they bravely face danger and extreme adversity in their mission to reclaim the city, and depicts their struggles to maintain their humanity in the face of such brutality. The film is a powerful tribute to the courage and sacrifice of the men who fought to liberate Mosul, and offers a poignant look at the impact of war on the people caught in the middle.

Tomiris – Trailer

3 years ago

"Legend of Tomiris" is a historical epic film that tells the story of Tomiris, a legendary queen of the Massagetae, a nomadic tribe that lived in ancient Central Asia. The film follows Tomiris as she rises to power and becomes a fierce warrior, leading her people to victory against their enemies.

Parvana – Trailer

3 years ago
"The Breadwinner" is an animated film that tells the story of a young girl named Parvana who lives in Afghanistan under the Taliban regime.

Bilal – Trailer

4 years ago

One thousand years ago, a boy who dreamed of becoming a great warrior was abducted along with his sister and taken to a distant land far from home.

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